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help through healing

What We Believe

Responsive. Transformative. Preventative.
A more just form of justice.

We don’t seek to blame, or simply punish. Instead, we find ways to help through healing, reconciliation and compassionate solutions for both the victims of crime and the offenders.

Our Mission


Who We Are

The Community Justice Initiatives Association (CJI) is a non-profit society located in Langley, BC, Canada. For over 30 years, we have been pioneers in Restorative Justice, providing programs and services aimed at conflict resolution, reconciliation and the reparation of harm.

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Our Programs

Our internationally-recognised programs will help you learn what to do when faced with crime and conflict. Whether that involves healing from trauma, victim/offender reconciliation, or learning new conflict-resolution skills, our multi-disciplinary programs can be tailored to your unique situation and community.

How We Can Help

Want to make a difference in people’s lives?

How to Get Involved

We are always looking for passionate people who believe in the value of Restorative Justice. If you believe that punishment should not be the only goal. If you believe in accountability, understanding and compassionate healing for both victims and offenders, then we would love to have you on board! Want to get involved?

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