(2-4 Days)
Building a safe and vibrant school learning environment requires that we look beyond disciplinary approaches that rely solely on isolation and punishment. Incidents of conflict and harm provide important opportunities for the development of social skills and positive values. Restorative justice philosophy and practice gives frustrated parents and educators alike new strategies for effectively addressing challenging behaviours and the issues which underlie them.

CJI offers the following trainings for those working in elementary and secondary school contexts:

Conversation Peace

(4 days)
If you work in a setting involving high school aged youth, this course is applicable to you. Based on CJI's success in implementing the Educating for Peacebuilding program in the Langley School District #35, the course employs a unique and internationally recognized curriculum relevant to both youth and adults. Participants gain a solid foundation in "Restorative Action" philosophy – principles and practices for responding to youth conflict that promote resolution, healing and accountability. The training employs a hands-on format that includes both interpersonal conflict resolution skills and mediation skills. Experienced coaches assist with skills practice and enhance the learning experience. Certificates of completion will be presented.

Talking Peace

(2 days)
Learn about implementing restorative justice creatively in elementary school classrooms and other settings appropriate to that age group. This two-day session focuses on Talking Peace, the elementary school resource developed by CJI in partnership with the Langley School District.

In these courses, participants will:

  • Learn concrete processes to deal with harm and conflict in ways that promote accountability, learning, fairness and a stronger sense of community at school
  • Develop a foundation in mediation skills
  • Learn to work effectively with bullying and exclusion
  • Gain healthier working relationships among staff
  • Discover a restorative 'mindset' for dealing with discipline issues inside and outside the classroom
  • Learn by using practical and fun activities that reinforce the basic principles.
  • Receive a copy of the relevant training manual

Intended for: school teachers, administrative staff, and/or students. This training is often used as a first step toward implementing school-based peer mediation programs.

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What Past Students Have Said...

The trainer was passionate, patient, gentle and intelligent. I felt safe and enjoyed all of it!


Great workshop, great trainer! I liked having the time given to us to reflect and ask questions. The trainer was patient and informative.


The trainer was great, provided helpful and constructive feedback, and created a supportive learning environment

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