INVITING DIALOGUE: Facilitating Victim Offender Encounters

(3 Days)
Victim Offender Dialogue brings together those involved and affected by an offence in an effort to repair harm done, foster direct accountability, create safe space for personal narratives, and heal broken relationships. Drawing on CJI's 25 years experience convening victim offender dialogue at all levels of justice, this hands-on course will guide participants through the nuances of facilitating these processes with youth and adult participants. Professional coaches will provide trainees with individualized instruction and feedback following role plays and intensive skill development.

In this course, participants will:

  • Gain confidence in leading those involved in a criminal incident through a safe and respectful dialogue and reparation process.
  • Learn and practice CJI's time-tested model of non-scripted Victim of Offender Dialogue.
  • Receive "Inviting Dialogue: Restorative Justice & Victim Offender Mediation" a celebrated training manual published by CJI, as well as a copy of Howard Zehr's Little Book of Restorative Justice.

Prerequisite: The Heart of Restorative Justice

Please note: This course can be taught in conjunction with The Heart of Restorative Justice to new practitioners, or separately for those with relevant experience.

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What Past Students Have Said...

I enjoyed the format, expertise, and practice. Excellent modelling by the trainer and coaches.


Great job – it was fantastic! Great program, great people.


I thought the organization in terms of foundational principles and exercises was great.

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