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(2 Days)
We have all seen the ways in which conflict can be expressed destructively, whether within families, workplaces, communities, or on the international political scene. Yet conflict can also be an important window into the patterns of relationships, institutions and social structures within which we all live. Visible expressions of conflict may have their roots in unspoken social norms, power dynamics related to race, economic privilege or gender, systems of inclusion and exclusion within organizations, and other intangible factors. With this in mind, our goal becomes less to "resolve" conflict than to harness the energy of conflict to promote larger-scale social or institutional change through life-giving and non-violent means.

In this course, participants will:

  • Become familiar with several tools of conflict analysis, and apply these tools to real-life scenarios
  • Widen the "lenses" through which they view conflict and conflict intervention
  • Explore and develop their personal capacities as interveners in conflict, whether or not they are working in a professional capacity

Intended for: social service providers, law-enforcement personnel, restorative justice providers, mediators, community and international development workers, and the general public.

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What Past Students Have Said...

Very knowledgeable and able to present in a gentle manner that encouraged participation.


Wonderful speaker, engaging, very knowledgeable.


This course was exactly what I hoped it would be!

Community Justice Initiatives Association