A Transformative Approach to Youth Justice

(3-5 Days)
Families and communities can play important roles in incidents involving youth harm and violence. The web of relationships in which individuals are embedded may sometimes contribute to harmful behavior, but can also be a key to meeting the needs that emerge from harmful events. Working creatively with families, community members and service providers can help not only to transform the lives of victims and perpetrators of harm, but also to rebuild the fabric of society.

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn the original world-renowned, unscripted conferencing model from a trainer with hands-on experience facilitating conferences within the New Zealand Youth Justice System.
  • Gain confidence in facilitating a model that is strengthening and empowering for families and communities, participant driven, culturally sensitive and adaptable, and has a proven record of addressing harms in meaningful and lasting ways.
  • Learn and practice group facilitation skills
  • Learn to think strategically and creatively about how to develop and lead processes that address not only specific incidents, but the relationships and social structures in which these incidents are embedded.

Intended for: individuals intending to work directly with young offenders and victims of crime to promote accountability, healing and repair, while strengthening families and communities and addressing the root causes of crime.

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What Past Students Have Said...

The trainer was thoughtful, inclusive, and had great sense of humour. Great job!


Everything was great. The role plays were particularly useful – especially with the enlightened feedback of the experts.


Patient with all the questions, very knowledgeable about the material, engaging and flexible.

Community Justice Initiatives Association