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Great News! CJI will once again be hosting our annual Fundraiser Dinner - November 7, 2014.  

More details to come.



International Impact.

21 teachers, from both private and public schools in South Korea, paid their own way to travel to Langley BC. Their goal was to learn about Restorative Action in Schools. The group members are some of the first pioneers of Restorative Action in Korea. They all have extensive theoretical knowledge of Restorative Action but were looking to Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) to provide practical applications for integrating this approach into classrooms and schools.

CJI started off the week by hosting a two-day workshop with contract trainer Alana Abramson on January 13 and 14. A third day of training on January 15 brought presenters from CERA Society, Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association, North Shore Restorative Justice, and CJI. Thanks to Langley School District for providing the space at Simonds Elementary Media Centre for the training.

That final afternoon the group travelled to Langley Fine Arts School to hear directly from staff and students who are part of their Restorative Action team. Approximately ten students spoke about what being on the Restorative Action team has meant to them. The students inspired all present. Many thanks to those who helped facilitate the Langley Fine Arts session: Madeleine DeLittle, Kari Hall, Vice Principal Susan Perkins, Principal Jon Bonnar, and district RA teacher Cristy Watson.

On January 15 the Korean learning group was hosted by Abbotsford Restorative Justice and Advocacy Association (ARJAA), who introduced the Korean teachers to Restorative Action in Abbotsford. Before departing for Korea the group coordinator, Jung-Ki Seo, had detailed consultations with CJI staff and brought home several joint publications of CJI and the Langley School District.


Changing lives this year.

As 2013 is coming to an end, please consider Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) in your year-end giving. Your donation changes lives. Read CJI's latest newsletter and see and how you can be involved.

CJI Fundraiser Update.

Please note that CJI will not be hosting the Annual Gala Fundraiser this fall.

This event is changing form. Details of the Spring 2014 fundraising initiative are currently being finalized and we will share the exciting news as soon as we can.

Langley Student to produce Restorative Action video.

Brookswood Secondary School student Emma Mackie accepted a donation of $1000 from HomeLife Benchmark Realty to produce a video on Restorative Action for Community Justice Initiatives (CJI).

Emma won an award for a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video she produced last year, and is looking forward to working on the CJI production. The video will be shown to different audiences throughout the Langley School District as well as outside of Langley. It will serve to inform students, staff and parents about the Restorative Action program and how it can be beneficial in different conflict situations.

HomeLife Benchmark Langley and Walnut Grove Community Committees are proud to be contributing to the project funding and looking forward to the completed production. Dan Bennet of HomeLife Benchmark sits on the CJI Board and was joined by Bronwyn Nelson and Micheal Dreyer of HomeLife's Walnut Grove office to present the cheque. Also on hand were Brookswood staff members Sarah Dean, Robert French and Principal Marcello Moino. Dan Basham of CJI was also present to accept the cheque with Emma Mackie.

TD Bank generously supports Community Justice Initiatives and the Youth in the Community.
The TD Bank supported Community Justice Initiative's Educating for Peacebuilding program last year with a grant of $5,000. This grant played an essential role in changing the culture in Langley schools. This year TD Bank is supporting CJI with a grant of $5,000 for two years!
Read the full Press Release here.

CJI is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Educating for Peacebuilding scholarships: 

  • Sydney Gobin, Langley Fine Arts School
  • Yi Wei Zhao, R.E. Mountain Secondary School
  • Kandiss Wright, Langley Fine Arts School – “Special Recognition”. 

All the deserving student mediators have been active members of their school's Restorative Action team and have been a positive influence with their peers. They have embraced the values and principles of Restorative Action and have integrated them into their school and personal lives.

Restorative Action is an effective, sustainable approach for schools to use in dealing with discipline situations. Instead of relying on punishment and isolation, Community Justice Initiatives in partnership with the Langley School District, have developed a comprehensive, sustainable program with the goal of creating safer schools throughout the local school district, where safety, respect and inclusion are commonplace among students.

Funding for this program is provided by the Langley School District and Coast Capital Savings.

Sydney Gobin, Langley Fine Arts School:
“Restorative Action is the heart of our school and has enabled the community to develop in a positive direction. It has built a foundation of trust throughout the student body that has allowed me to truly connect with the younger grades on a sincere level. My respect for everyone at Langley Fine Arts has grown due to being able to understand others personal stuggle and their perspectives”.

Sydney is going into Marine Biology. She has learned that Restorative Action has had an important impact on her life and will be able to resolve conflict positively in any situation.

 Yi Wei Zhao, R.E. Mountain Secondary School
"I have realized that the concept of Restorative Action involves promoting a healthier environment overall whether it is at school or in the community”.

 Yi Wei has appreciated that Restorative Action has fostered a love of helping others in her. She plans on going into the medical field to become either a pharmacist or doctor at UBC in September of 2013.

Kandiss Wright, Langley Fine Arts School:
“My experience with Restorative Action at Langley Fine Arts School has been a big change for me over the 4 years. It has changed me as a family member, as a sister and as a friend. When I was in grade 10 one of the older mentors made me become who I am and what I was supposed to be. Being in Restorative Action gave me hope”. 

“After graduation I am taking a year off but I will take who I am, to show other people how to be true to who I am. I can use what I have learned to make friends and to help others overcome their fears and situations that come into their paths and help give them hope”.


Photo 1: Dan Basham, CJI Schools Program Coordinator; Kandiss Wright; Sydney Gobin; David Gustafson, CJI Executive Director
Photo 2: Dan Basham, CJI Schools Program Coordinator; Yi Wei Zhao; David Gustafson, CJI Executive Director

Dan Basham, Schools Program Co-ordinator; Community Justice Initiatives:
“It is with a genuine sense of gratitude that we honor these young women with the CJI Educating for Peacebuilding scholarships and Special Recognition award. Gratitude for the positive influence they have had in their schools that will continue to impact many others that come into their lives.”

Our 2013 Annual Report has been released. 
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