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We are now accepting membership applications for our 2012/2013 fiscal year.  Read more about the impact our members make to the organization, and consider supporting CJI.

Inspiring Langley Students. 

Langley Fine Arts School and DW Poppy Secondary Students met in Aggassiz, BC for a weekend long retreat to learn about Restorative Action, bond as a group, and hear speaker Jodi Cadman talk about how Restorative Justice impacted her life.

Read the full press release.

Shattered Lives, Hope of Healing:
Facilitating Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence

The Program on Dispute Resolution at UBC is proud to present the second lecture in the "Creative Approaches to Conflict" Speaker Series.  Admission is free and there is no need to RSVP.  Please come and join us for what promises to be a very special session in the series.  Click the link below for more information. 

Shattered Lives, Hope of Healing:
Facilitating Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence

David Gustafson,
Fraser Region Community Justice Initiative Association

Thursday, January 12th
Allard Hall Forum, 1822 East Mall

Draw for Justice Raffle Update.

The winners have been drawn!  See below for a complete list of prizes and winners.

The Staff and Board at CJI would like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you that participated in the raffle. Your contribution is immediately felt by those whose lives are impacted by crime, harm and conflict.

2011 Draw for Justice - Prizes Awarded
December 7, 2011 at 12 noon
Gaming Event Licence #37942

WestJet Tickets, #30646, Matt Jamieson
Cactus Club Dinner, #50801, Kevin Brownlee
Canucks Tickets, #50516, Dennis Ducklow
Portrait Session, #50595, Corey Siemens
BC Lions Tickets and Ball, #30628, Jennifer Pardee
Framed Print, #30608, Sandra Jansen
Two Vases, #30571, Fred Busch
Spa Package, #50743, Henry Krause
Enterprise Rent-a-Car, #50726, Kelly Speck
Krause Basket, #30559, Dianne Brown
Starbucks Card, #50508, Shelley Siemens Janzen
Starbucks Card, #50739, Alex Bartel
Starbucks Card, #30620, Dan Loney
Starbucks Card, #30658, Sheila Paul
Starbucks Card, #50770, Reuben Springman
Starbucks Card, #30514, Norm Driedger
Starbucks Card, #30524, Joe DePedrino
Starbucks Card, #50760, Rena Novotny
Starbucks Card, #10513, Patrick Rafferty
Starbucks Card, #50723, Betty Fricker
Starbucks Card, #50519, Dennis Ducklow
Starbucks Card, #30552, Mark Rempel
Starbucks Card, #50746, Celine Lee
Starbucks Card, #50716, Susan Underwood
Starbucks Card, #50581, Ray Sawatsky
Tim Hortons Card, #50726, Kelly Speck
Tim Hortons Card, #50523, Ray Sawatsky
Tim Hortons Card, #50712, Ramona Langman
Tim Hortons Card, #50779, Alan Robinson
Tim Hortons Card, #50713, Ramona Langman
Tim Hortons Card, #50807, Alf Krause
Tim Hortons Card, #50750, Celine Lee
Tim Hortons Card, #30549, Sam Christian
Tim Hortons Card, #10567, Pontus Agren
Tim Hortons Card, #50759, Rena Novotny
Tim Hortons Card, #50577, Katy Hutchison
Tim Hortons Card, #30546, Bruce Cairnie
Tim Hortons Card, #50642, Betty Loewen
Tim Hortons Card, #30582, Thelma Simmons
Tim Hortons Card, #50571, Brad Duggan

CJI Raffle.  This fall CJI is hosting a Draw for Justice raffle.  All proceds will be used to directly serve and support those affected by crime and conflict.

Integrating Neuroscience and Restorative Justice.

Cutting edge developments in Neuroscience are providing valuable insights into the field of Restorative Justice. This advanced two day course brings together these two fields to shed new light on critical issues related to Restorative Justice practitioners, participants and processes.

November 12 - 13 , 2011
Kamloops, BC

Read the course brochure

Email Aaron Lyons or call 604-534-5515 for more information.

An Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools.

If you are a school Principal or Vice Principal wondering how you can contribute to a culture of greater respect and accountability in the school community, CLICK HERE.

2011 Scholarship Winners.

Read about CJI's recently awarded student scholarships for "Restorative Action in Schools".

Scholarship Winners Link

Invitation for Membership.

Letter from Co-Directors Sandi Bergen and Dave Gustafson:

Community Justice Initiatives Association (CJI) has pioneered and administered peacemaking efforts and conflict resolution in the community through Restorative Justice values, principles and processes for over 25 years.  People who have accessed CJI’s services consistently report that their experience has been meaningful, satisfying, and in many cases even “deeply healing”.
This past year, the support of our members has enabled CJI to:

  • Expand the Educating for Peacebuilding program to include two elementary schools. CJI is active in 15 schools in the Langley School District. 

  • Assist youth at risk to take responsibility for their actions and make amends in positive, meaningful ways through our Restorative Youth Services program. 

  • Provide healing processes for over 100 participants through the Victim Offender Mediation program.

Please consider an annual membership.  You are important to the continuing work of CJI. Your support can help transform people’s lives and promote safer, more peaceful communities.

Every 2011/12 member will receive a complimentary copy of Howard Zehr's book: The Little Book of Restorative Justice.


Fostering Resiliency.

CJI has the best supporters.  Read about the latest initiative TD CanadaTrust is sponsoring.

Community Justice Initiatives Association